Happy New Year!

Whether you are cuddling up under a comfy blanket with tea on a cold winter day or enjoying the sunshine during this season, we all have one thing in common: IT’S 2019! The weather may be different but it is a new year for everyone, and that means a chance for NEW BEGINNINGS or just continuing progress from 2018.

I’ve decided to be a “word” person this year. My 2019 word is DEDICATION. Last year I became dedicated to my fitness regimen and this year I’m continuing dedication in other areas like my nutrition and in my business! Do you have an intentional “word” this year?

You don’t have to be a New Year’s resolution type of person to decide this year is your year to continue gentle additions to your routines that will help make changes stick long-term. Join thousands of us as we dedicate 2019 to a healthy lifestyle using Young Living products. Make it your mission to use one of your Young Living Products daily and to try one new product every month this year to see how your life and health transform.

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Important Announcements

Are you ready to focus on full body wellness in 2019? If so, I am going to make it really easy for you to get started on a sustainable path.

Simply Well

Join dozens of others in the Simply Well Facebook group where Simply Whole friends are leading and learning together about important daily habits: eating and moving well, being intentional with self care, and supplement use. It is a great group to join!

Upcoming Online Classes

Young Living for Teachers and School Staff

Teachers and school staff, are you struggling to find the motivation to continue your school year? Or are you just having a hard time after the winter break?

In this class, I am going to show you how to help boost your motivation, maintain mental focus, and support your body in the school year! Join me to find out more!

I will have a special giveaway for one lucky person who attends this class LIVE. You must have RSVP’d “GOING” to the event in order to be eligible!

Join me on (date/time) for this invigorating “Young Living for Teachers” class. It’s time to KNOW better so you can DO and FEEL better! #YLforTeachers

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to this event. The more, the merrier.

January 10, 9 PM

Facebook Event (RSVP)

All About Young Living Supplements

January 13-20

This course will be run over the course of the week of January 13. Make sure you’re a member of Mom’s Empowered Wellness Facebook group where the class will run!

Upcoming In-Person Events 

I’ve Got My Kit… Now What?

January 8, 6:30-8 PM, Panera Bread, Waynesboro

Are you a new member or would like a “refresher”? Come enjoy an evening of fun with some of your favorite Simply Whole leaders! Let’s talk about your starter kit and how to get the most out of your membership. Bring your oils with you and we’ll make a roller! Feel free to grab dinner or a snack at Panera and join us in the meeting room.

Facebook Event (RSVP)

Live Your Passion Rally

Saturday, January 19, 2019, 9-4:30, Weyers Cave, Virginia

Some tickets remain! Join us for a huge Sole Hope shoe cutting party and special guests Greg Larsen and Danette Goodyear!

Facebook Event | Ticket Link

Products to Get Your 2019 Wellness Journey Started!

Digestive Support 

Life 9 probiotic: Get a one month supply of Life 9 FREE THIS MONTH* when you place a 190 PV order. Did you know this word literally means “for life”? Although good bacteria should be found all through the digestive system, the microbes are mostly concentrated in the far end of the small intestine and in the large intestine. For this reason, we appreciate that Life9 capsules are made with a special delayed release covering, ensuring that your good bacteria supplementation gets where it needs to go and isn’t wasted. In pregnancy, our guts start colonizing this good bacteria if our moms provide the environment to do so. Vaginal birth further contributes, then breastfeeding continues to help these good microbes and a diet rich in plant and fermented foods as we grow. The reason why supplementing these good bacteria is key in our modern world is because it’s rare to find rich soil to grow our food to start with. Picking food before its peak ripeness affects this too, as does treating the soil and harsh washing of produce. Furthermore, stress, medications, illness, sugar and grain consumption, along with modern day chemicals all serve to deplete these stores. It’s no wonder research shows that most north Americans are chronically deficient in probiotics that play key roles in prevention of preventable illness and disease from birth to old age. Making these a key part of your daily wellness regimen should be a no brainer! (This info on Life 9 was provided by the amazing Cindy Haggerton!)

Have kids? Check out the Kidscents MightyPro for your kids. A Pre & Probiotic that tastes like candy! My son loves these. They taste like Pixy Sticks!

DiGize Vitality: FREE 5 ml bottle THIS MONTH* when you place a 100 PV order on Essential Rewards! It is a blend of oils that includes ginger and fennel, which makes it a great complement to the Life 9 supplement to support your digestive system.

Healthy Food; Healthy Life

Einkorn Rotini PastaToday’s conventional food is overly processed and lacks nutrients. Take a look at all the food and snack options Young Living offers and STOCK YOUR CABINETS! Ordering Young Living food is such an easy way to put healthy and nutritious food in your hands every single day. Our whole family digs this pasta. We’ve used in soups and also with traditional marinara sauce.

PanAway: FREE 5 ml bottle THIS MONTH* with a 300 PV order. New fitness goals? PanAway is the perfect blend to apply to sore muscles. Don’t let being sore be your new year’s excuse for not hitting the gym after day one!

Citrus Fresh: FREE 15 ml bottle THIS MONTH* with a 190 PV order on Essential Rewards. New year’s goals can be overwhelming! Calm your emotions with this uplifting aroma and use it in your nighttime facial regimen to brighten and smooth skin tone.

Tap the images below to enlarge and see this month’s full list of promotions!

* FREE products listed here are for the US market only.

January Promotion Details

Help 5 Bonus

How cute is this magnetic essential oils rack? When you earn five points in the Help 5 program during January, you’ll receive this magnetic essential oils rack!

Details here: youngliving.com/help5

2019 Kit Buy-Back Program

Oh my goodness!! Who wants reimbursement on your Premium Starter Kit? Our up line, Nicole Dodge, just announced this amazing promo!! Keep reading, because you don’t want to miss out!!

“We want to help folks to use their products right away, NOT have that box sit on a shelf for months and months on end. We also know that the more products folks start to use, the MORE they start to see results and realize how well all of our oils and oil-infused products work! And when something works, you want to share it with someone else…you really can’t HELP but share it with folks around you!

We also know, that while $160 can feel like a lot of money for some folks, it is a CRAZY good deal for all of these products and a diffuser! We want to help our brand new members with the cost of their kit… actually we want to pay for it! Here’s how it works:

1. When NEW MEMBERS enroll 10 or more total people with their own Premium Starter Kits during the NEW Member’s first 3 months, we will pay $160 for the cost of that NEW Member’s kit!

Example: Jane enrolls on January 2. If she enrolls 10 total people with Premium Starter Kits between January and the end of March, she qualifies to have her kit cost of $160 reimbursed to her!

2. This applies to NEW members as of January 1…what about the rest of us, Nicole??? Great question 😉

  • If you have NEVER enrolled anyone, your 3 months begins on January 1 too! You have from today through the end of March to enroll 10 NEW members with Premium Starter Kits, and we will reimburse you $160 too, even if you purchased your kit years and years ago
  • If you HAVE enrolled members before January 1, you can ALSO have the cost of your kit covered by enrolling 10 new members with a Premium Starter Kit in the month of January!

3. In order to qualify, you must be a member of Nicole Dodge’s downline!

4. In order to qualify, you must also fill out this form (which will be verified) at the end of your 3 month period: https://goo.gl/forms/zGk90tEoj8QpC4nJ3

5. This all sounds great…but I don’t really know how to enroll someone… That’s ok! Head here to learn how.

Are you EXCITED?! I AM!!”

2019 Essential Sisterhood Retreat

Nicole Dodge is planning a Retreat! Here are the details. Any of you can qualify for this!

“For two years I’ve wanted to do this and the timing hasn’t been right, but 2019 is the year we are making the first Essential Sisterhood RETREAT a reality! Will you be there?!

The only way to be there is to WIN a spot to come on the first Essential Sisterhood weekend retreat in Asheville, North Carolina, October 10-13, 2019! We will have a gorgeous home, activities, time together, and a whole lot of fun and surprises planned!

How can you win a spot?

  1. You must be Silver or above by June 30, 2019! (For those of you going “I’m not sure how to do this” or “I don’t think I can do this”, come join us over in our business building group and we will help you!)
  2. You must also DOUBLE your OGV by June 30, 2019. Your “starting OGV” is December 2018’s OGV.
  3. You will win a spot for you + one downline member! A small buy-in fee will be required to hold your places. No up-front costs are required in order to qualify!
  4. Because of the close quarters for sleeping arrangements on retreat, if a Mister qualifies for retreat, he will be awarded a cash prize equivalent to that of the trip!
  5. Lodging, surprises, and 1 meal per day is included in the prize. Winner is responsible for other meals and transportation. Nursing babies *in arms* are also welcome with their winning mamas, but please note that not all activities may be suitable for babies (but that would just give you some free time to explore on your own or relax at the house!)

AHHHHH! Who is coming on vacation with me?!”

2019 Slique in 60 Challenge

The Slique in 60 Challenge is back for 2019! Ready to suit up and slim down? We are too! Get your 2019 off to a healthy start by competing against yourself and other participants in your gender and age group to lose pounds and inches for your shot at $3,000 USD and a NingXia Red® 6-pack! The contest will begin February 1 and run for 60 days.

Ready to join? You’ll need to purchase two Slique collections, one for each month. If you purchase the Slique Complete Kit, you’ll receive two free boxes of shakes, and with the purchase of the Slique Advanced Kit you’ll receive one free box of shakes! Find the Slique collection that works best for you.

Keeping track of progress is important, so refer to the Slique in 60 Challenge website for the best way to keep a video diary. Also, be sure to check out the registration packet for details on tracking weight and measurements.

Looking for a little support in your Slique journey? During this time participants can become part of an exclusive Facebook group specifically for the Slique in 60 Challenge. Here you’ll find additional motivation, support, product information, healthy recipes, and workout tips; plus you can share what’s working for you and offer support for others in the group.

Join now and start the year off feeling good!


I hope to see you soon at one of the events in person or online!

To our wellness, purpose, and abundance!

~ Paige

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