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I'm Paige; 

welcome to my little home on the web, called EMPOWER — one of my favorite words! 

I help moms live "LOW TOX" lives in simple ways and reduce stress.

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Discovering the harsh chemicals in your home is the first step.  Then, you can replace them as you are ready. Ready to learn what is lurking in your home? 

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Want to know how easy it can be live a "LOW TOX" lifestyle? 

You must honor God with your body. 
- 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Wellness + Financial Fitness
My mission is to help 1,000 families ditch and switch harmful products in their home for healthier ones.

Having been raised in a family where we cleaned with harsh, "mainstream" products, I spent my young adult years learning about "toxic load" and how to do better so that I could help others do better, too. The solution is a "LOW-TOX" lifestyle. You can accomplish it, too! 

(And, hey, there are absolutely no hard feelings on my upbringing. 
I follow the "know better; do better" motto! ♥︎) 

I also love helping other moms take charge of their finances.

Get Ready To Take Control Of Your Health & Wellness
Regain balance in your life.

My Services
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Financial Coaching

What is a Coach?
I like to understand my client's lifestyle and make custom recommendations that may improve their well-being and overall enjoyment of life.
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