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I love my essential oils so I am very thankful Paige introduced them to me. I am also grateful for her support and friendship that has blossomed from that introduction. Paige is very relaxed and easy going and has a calming influence on me! She is always willing to answer my questions to help me understand the product and the business better. Young Living oils have without a doubt enriched my life and help me especially by supporting positive emotions. The oils help me slow down and practice self care which is something I have often struggled with.

Staunton, VA

The Young Living Farms

Your essential oils experience will be directly related to the quality of the oils you use. We recommend Young Living® because they own and operate their own farms. Young Living controls the entire process from seed selection to planting, cultivation and distillation. There is no other essential oils company on the planet that provides the quality guarantee that Young Living provides!

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InstantPot Easy Hamburger Soup;

InstantPot Easy Hamburger Soup

I work full time outside the home and I am always looking for quick and easy recipes, especially with my InstantPot! My friend at Cool […]

Luxe Beauty Serum;

Luxe Beauty Serum

I’ve been using essential oils for several years now and have never made myself, at home, a truly “luxe” beauty serum. I’ve used frankincense + […]

Luxe Beauty Serum
January 8, 2019

No matter what stress is going on in my head, I 100% of the time feel at least 50-99% better after a workout. If you can do a brisk walk, a stationary bike, yoga, or something else.... do it! 💜
#homegym #sweatieselfie

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Are anyone else's kids eating like cray? I'm so thankful we got to get some new food goodies at #costco today. My rule is for them to eat fresh from the fridge first and then go pantry diving. 🤣 ...

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Just start. Whatever the goal is. Just #START it. One foot in front of the other...
If it's #fitness - I was reading about some women struggling with #anxiety and nervousness about starting at a commercial gym. Friend, I am here to tell you that I was just about terrified to start at my #crossfit gym a few years ago. All I know is, it gave me the kick in the pants I needed to keep myself accountable for my own fitness.
I really didn't want to go today to the gym, but I went through some motions and got in some work. 🤣
If you truly are not able to get your feet inside a gym, there are dozens of awesome workouts available now on apps that you can do at home. It won't be the same as the equipment you'll find in a gym but it's better than doing nothing.
Need an accountability partner? DM me! I would love to have someone in my corner, too. 💜

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I don't always want to exercise—but, I love the feeling afterward and I remember how badly I felt feeling weak and constantly fatigued when I was NOT working out. I don't know... I've found that intentional supplements help me. All I know is, my BCAA supplement helps me get through particularly tough workouts. The one I use is called Aminowise and it's very clean! And it's tasty—like lime! I drink it in water during and after my workout.
What about you?! Do you use a BCAA? Have you tried Aminowise??

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