A friend recommended to me a 30-day program "Push" by Chalene Johnson to help me prioritize, organize, and achieve goals! The goals can be in anything: wellness, finances, career, relationships, or anything else in your life!

I'm on Day 2 and already loving it! I could absolutely identify with her "extra push" video in day 2: "Your Priority Foundation," when she says that most people don't want to get out paper and a pen to do the work and do the exercises! I didn't want to do it, but here I am! I'm taking my notes first on ten areas of my life and giving them a score of satisfaction. It's very similar to Oola!

I'm going to "put it out there" and give you my satisfaction scores. Chalene says that if you score low, that's likely an area that you're pressuring yourself to grow in! It makes sense!

  • Physical Health: 6
  • Emotional Health: 7
  • Environment: 8
  • Financial: 9
  • Leisure: 3
  • Friends/Family: 4
  • Spouse: 6
  • Purpose/Career: 6
  • Personal Growth: 7
  • Spiritual Growth: 3
I feel it important to explain why my friends/family/spouse scores are low and that's because I mostly feel I don't get enough time with them!

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I'd love some accountability partners! Comment below to come along with me! We can cheer each other on as we progress through the program!
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