iTOVi Nutrition Tracker
The iTOVi Nutrition Tracker uses the same technology as JawBone Up and Microsoft Band, called “bioimpedence.” It is used in small health and wellness businesses as well as in the medical community. It is well researched and documented.
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About the Device

My favorite part about my iTOVi is how small it is! It fits right in the palm of my hand uses Bluetooth technology and a mobile app!

Bioimpedance Definition from iTOVi

Bioimpedance is the process of passing small electrical currents through the skin and measuring the impedance or resistance.

How Does a Session Work?

It works with different nutritional supplement companies. You choose your company when you order your device.
There are four parts to an iTOVi session.
  1. Send hundreds of frequencies to the body (just like the ones found in essential oils and supplements)
  2. The body reacts to the frequencies. (You do not feel this at all.)
  3. Reactions are inputted automatically to the algorithms and equations.
  4. The software provides the results.


We’ve seen some pretty incredible reports from our iTOVi! Skin, digestive, and liver support are the top ones that come to mind that I’ve seen! You get the report emailed to you directly from the app by using the Share button after the scan is complete.

Ready to Purchase Your iTOVi?

Reminder — The iTOVi is not a medical or diagnostic device!
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