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on December 29, 2016

January 9 – March 10

Are you looking forward to 2017 goals with anticipation? I don’t know about you; I’m ready to feel more energy and to keep improving in areas of business and other personal growth! I’d love for you to lock arms with me and join this challenge that Young Living has put together!

The best parts?

  • There is a no fuss, money-back guarantee!
  • There are some awesome prizes! (More about that is below.) If you complete the entire 60-day challenge, everyone earns a prize!
  • You are not alone! Grab an accountability partner, commit to yourself that you can do this, and also join the Facebook group(s) for support! (Hear details in the video.)

My personal goals (and also my commitments during the 60-day challenge) are as follows:

  • Lose 5-10 pounds. (This is not all about vanity. Look up “risks of belly fat.” I’ve allowed eating habits to slip into dangerous territory for my long-term health!) 
  • Exercise 3-4 times per week.
  • Make quality sleep a priority (7+ hours sleep at least 5 nights/week).
  • Eliminate sugary drinks.

I’ll say that I’ve tried the CitraSlim, Young Living’s new supplement to help with weight management, earlier in 2016 and did find increased energy from them!! I was impressed! I’ve highlighted a lot of other favorite products below that can help you get your new year off to a great start in the wellness area!

From Young Living:

Ready for a new year with new wellness goals? We’re kicking off the Slique® in 60 challenge, featuring our recently updated Slique collections, to help make 2017 your best year!

So many people already have body transformation stories from testing our Slique in 60 pledge, but these revamped collections are designed to help even more members meet their goals. That means that this challenge is your opportunity to try these new kits and pursue your health goals with added support, helpful tips, and—the best part—bonus prizes!

Join the movement and see where your transformation takes you!

The Qualifying Slique Kits

The qualifying kits for the challenge appeal to all budgets and wellness goals! The ingredients are seriously fantastic, friends, and I’m excited to be a part of this challenge even though I don’t have a huge weight loss goal! Check out all the details at these links!

Slique® Complete

Slique® Advanced

Slique® Assist

Slique® Maintain

Step 1

Just like an online retailer like Amazon, or at a “club” such as a Costco, you’ll need an account to be able to order your Young Living Slique Kit! The best part about Young Living accounts is that after you get your starter kit, you’ll never have to pay membership dues! You receive 24% off retail pricing forever as a wholesale member, as long as you spend 50 PV each calendar year!


  • Follow the link and and open an account by purchasing a premium starter kit. Since you’ll be doing this to join the weight loss / weight management / wellness challenge, I suggest that you choose the NingXia Red starter kit to add additional nutrition to your regimen.
  • During checkout, it will ask you if you’d like to add and an Essential Rewards kit. If you see the Slique kit you want there, go ahead and add it! If not, just skip that step and set it up later with your Slique Kit.

Step 2

If you weren’t able to add the Slique kit on your Essential Rewards, now it’s time to log out of your Young Living account, log back in, and get that ordered. By setting up Essential Rewards now, you’ll be able to start earning 10% back immediately on all consumable products you order on that “autoship” monthly order. It’s completely customizable each month and you can easily cancel (I promise!). By month four you’ll earn 20% back in free products!

Important: You may choose any date for your Essential Rewards! But make sure you process this order today (or no later than January 2) and choose expedited shipping so that you have your Slique kit in time for the challenge on the 9th! Contact Member Services at 800-371-3515 to have your order processed immediately!

Finally, it’s time to register for the challenge through Young Living! Find the button below…

  • The prizes are amazing, and remember, everyone receives a participation prize for completing the challenge!
  • GRAND PRIZE for Slique in 60 Contest = $6030.84 Retail Value given to top winner in each of the below Gender/Age Groups!

Grand Prize:

The Participant with the highest Body Transformation Score over the entire Contest Period from each of the sex/age groups listed above will be awarded a Grand Prize of a $3,000 US dollar check in the name of the winning Participant, Premier Aroma Collection, and one Apple® Watch Series 2 (ARV $6030.84).

Gender/Age Groups:

  • Women ages 18 – 35
  • Women ages 36 – 50
  • Women ages 50+
  • Men ages 18- 35
  • Men ages 36-50
  • Men ages 50+

Next, if you’re in the Essential Sisterhood organization, be sure to register for the Essential Sisterhood January Wellness Challenge here!


Questions? Just ask!

Before you go, check out some more ideas below for your wellness arsenal!

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