White Rock Falls Hike

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on August 11, 2016

White Rock Falls Hike

Part of being the CEO of your home, ladies, is taking time off.

A couple of weeks ago I was off work with my kiddos and we went to discover a new-to-us waterfall!

I’ll type out some “quick and dirty” directions below, but feel free to check out this trail site for details about the full trail. We did the “out and back” and it wasn’t nearly as long as I had mentally prepared myself for! One way is only about 1.5 miles.

The kids (6 and 8) did great. I wouldn’t recommend a child younger than 5 on foot go, probably, and he needs to be “go-getter,” if you know what I mean? There are some steep, rocky parts. I expect my kids to “get ‘er done” without a lot of “Do I have to do this?” =D so I heard a little complaining in the beginningĀ as we are out of our “outdoors” routine, but after the first little while they really loved it!

My daughter is 6 and she lead the way! She was so proud that she discovered the waterfall!

Pack a lunch or plenty of snacks and enjoy!

How to Find the Trail and Waterfall

  • Drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Park at Slacks Overlook, Mike Marker 20
  • Cross BRP on foot, turn left and walk just a little ways and find the trail entrance on your right
  • The trail is marked the whole way so keep listening for the water! When you think you won’t find it, keep going, and you’ll hear the water! It’s a steep hill down to the wading pool.

The water is so clear!

They found fish!
Pointing at the waterfall

Follow the yellow all the way down the trail!

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